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John H. Gibson II

Chief Management Officer


Honorable John H. Gibson II of Texas is currently the Chief Management Officer of the Department of Defense. 

Mr. Gibson was previously the Deputy Chief Management Officer of the Department of Defense. Prior to his current government service, Mr. Gibson was President, Chief Executive Officer of XCOR Aerospace, Inc., a developer of rocket engine systems and components and space launch systems. Mr. Gibson was also Chairman of the Advisory Committee, Looking Glass Investments. 

Mr. Gibson previously held several senior leadership positions with Beechcraft including Senior Vice President of Global Mission Support, Vice President of Special Mission Aircraft, and Vice President of Finance (CFO), Government, and Defense Business. Mr. Gibson also served as the Assistant Secretary of the Air Force (Financial Management/Comptroller and CFO), as well as Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Management Reform). In addition, Mr. Gibson has held numerous other leadership and management positions in the private sector. 

Mr. Gibson received a BA in Economics and a BBA in Finance from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA from the University of Dallas, and is a recipient of the Air Force Award for Exceptional Civilian Service.