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July 1, 2014

Hagel Welcomes Japan’s New Collective Self-defense Policy

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel welcomed the Japanese government’s new policy regarding collective self-defense, saying it will enable the Japan Self-Defense Forces to engage in a wider range of operations and make the U.S.-Japan alliance even more effective.

July 1, 2014

DoD Announces New Award for Sexual Assault Prevention Innovation

The Pentagon has announced the first Sexual Assault Prevention Innovation Award to recognize military and civilian contributions to preventing sexual assault.

July 1, 2014

Defense Officials Hail Japanese Decision on Self-Defense

Defense officials have welcomed an announcement by the Japanese government that it would seek a change to the policy regarding the country’s collective self-defense.

July 1, 2014

Pentagon Spokesman Provides Update on Iraq Missions

U.S. military personnel who have been sent to Iraq in recent weeks are performing two distinct mission sets; some providing security assistance and the rest are serving with assessment and advisory teams at the joint operations center in Baghdad, Pentagon Press Secretary Navy Rear Adm. John Kirby said.

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