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Aug. 24, 2018

Okinawa Marines Test Future of Wireless Communications

Marines with 7th Communication Battalion are conducting tests with the new free space optics communications system at Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan. The highly secured FSO system employs an infrared laser, which allows more users on a single network and larger files, imagery and information to be transmitted.

June 11, 2018

Face of Defense: Marine Saves Scuba Diver in Okinawa

Marine Corps Gunnery Sgt. Scott Dahn was practicing rescue diving at Maeda Point when he saw the woman start to panic. The expert Marine Corps diver came to the rescue of the woman from Hong Kong who was scuba diving on her honeymoon in Okinawa, Japan.

Jan. 8, 2018

Face of Defense: Okinawa-Based Marine Leads by Example

Marine Corps Cpl. Noel Mayorqa makes sure each task is done quickly and efficiently -- not for accolades, but to serve as a good example for the Marines in the squad he leads. “I could care less about the awards, the rank, or any of the stuff that I’ve been given,” he said. “I want to be an example to my squad. That’s what I strive for.”

Dec. 22, 2017

Marine Air Traffic Controllers Conduct ‘Voodoo Magic’ Exercise

Members of Marine Air Control Squadron 4, Marine Air Control Group 18, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing, traveled to Okinawa, Japan, to practice their air traffic control skills during Exercise Voodoo Magic.

Nov. 17, 2017

Face of Defense: Marine Aviator Draws Forward Air Controller Duty

A Marine Corps CH-53E Super Stallion helicopter pilot is serving as a forward air controller with 1st Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment Lava Dogs, and fulfills the notion that every Marine is a rifleman. Though the chances of an aviator leading a platoon of infantry Marines are slim to none, there are cases where Marine pilots are embedded in infantry units.

Dec. 21, 2016

U.S. Returns 10,000 Acres of Okinawan Training Area to Japan

The return of land on Okinawa’s Northern Training Area will reduce the footprint of U.S. forces on the Japanese island by 20 percent, officials in Japan said.

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