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March 21, 2019

‘Rosie the Riveter’ Recounts Women’s World War II Service

Mae Krier went to Capitol Hill, hoping to get Congress to recognize March 21 as an annual Rosie the Riveter Day of Remembrance. Rosie the Riveter was an iconic World War II poster showing a female riveter flexing her muscle.

Oct. 31, 2018

Security Meeting Examines Wartime Control of Forces in South Korea

U.S. and South Korean defense leaders have made significant progress in preparation for transfer of wartime control over the combined forces to the South Korean military.

Sept. 19, 2018

Task Force Looks at Making Infantry Squads More Lethal

The Close Combat Lethality Task Force is gathering information from the services, industry and allies before making recommendations to Defense Secretary James N. Mattis, the senior Army enlisted representative to the task force said.

Aug. 24, 2018

Fallen Air Force MOH Recipient Joins Pentagon’s Hall of Heroes

Medal of Honor recipient fallen Air Force Tech. Sgt. John A. Chapman was inducted into the Pentagon's Hall of Heroes for his courageous actions during the battle at Takur Ghar mountain in Afghanistan, March 4, 2002.

May 3, 2018

DoD Pays Tribute to Members Killed in Georgia Crash, Afghanistan Attack

The deaths of service members in a military plane crash in Georgia and in an enemy attack in Afghanistan are a somber reminder of the dangers members face as they carry out their duties, the chief Pentagon spokesperson said during a news conference.

May 3, 2018

U.S. Protests Chinese Interference With U.S. Planes in Djibouti

The United States has protested to China after repeated instances of lasers interfering with U.S. military aircraft landing in Djibouti, including an incident in which two Air Force crewmen were slightly injured, the chief Pentagon spokesperson said.

April 2, 2018

North Carolina Youth Gets Special Pentagon Visit

A North Carolina teenager and his family visited the Pentagon and met several Defense Department leaders at the invitation of the senior enlisted advisor to the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

March 29, 2018

Pentagon Spokesperson Addresses DoD Budget, Syria, Transgender Policy

The spending act President Donald J. Trump signed into law provides money to modernize the force and improve military readiness and lethality, and it's up to everyone in the Defense Department to ensure it is used wisely, the chief Pentagon spokesperson said.

March 1, 2018

Russian Implementation of Syria Cease-Fire Inadequate, DoD Spokesperson Says

The U.N. Security Council voted for an immediate 30-day cease-fire throughout Syria, but the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad continues attacking its citizens, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said.

March 1, 2018

DoD’s Chief Management Officer Begins Work

As the Defense Department’s first chief management officer and third in command at the Pentagon, John H. Gibson II will take the lead in DoD reform efforts, chief Pentagon spokesperson Dana W. White said.

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