Multiple Launch Rocket System Battalion to Rotate to South Korea

Defense Secretary Ash Carter has approved a nine-month rotation of an Army multiple launch rocket system battalion to South Korea, according to a DoD news release issued today.

The first rotational battalion of approximately 400 soldiers belongs to the 2nd Battalion, 20th Field Artillery. Deploying from Fort Hood, Texas, the unit will join the 210th Field Artillery Brigade this June in Camp Casey, South Korea, the release said. This battalion will arrive fully manned, trained, equipped and at the highest level of readiness. The initial rotating unit will leave their equipment in place for future rotations.

The addition of the MLRS battalion to the field artillery brigade is part of an Armywide reorganization that will raise the number of MLRS battalions from two to three in all field artillery brigades. The change will increase theater readiness and maneuver capabilities, the release noted.