NATO Allies U.S., Bulgaria Demonstrate Capabilities in Eastern Europe

U.S. and Bulgarian military personnel began an exercise today in the host country of Romania, Pentagon spokesman Army Col. Steve Warren told reporters today.

Exercise Platinum Eagle 2015 is a multinational exercise at Babadag Training Area, Romania, designed to demonstrate the capabilities of NATO allies in Eastern Europe, Warren said.
Approximately 150 U.S. Marines and sailors from the Black Sea Rotational Force will participate in the preplanned, annually scheduled exercise, which concludes May 28, he said.

“[Platinum Eagle events] will consist of basic infantry skills, advanced marksmanship, company-level command and control and the use of anti-armor weapons systems,” the colonel said.

The Black Sea Rotational Force is a contingent of U.S. Marines and sailors in the Black Sea, Balkans and Caucasus regions that maintain proven partnerships, build military capacity, promote regional security and provide the capability for rapid crisis response as directed by U.S. European Command and U.S. Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa, officials said.

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