U.S., Turkey Cooperate to Combat Nuclear Smuggling

The National Nuclear Security Administration and the FBI recently teamed up to provide the Turkish National Police with radiation detection systems and training that will enhance their capabilities to detect smuggled nuclear and radiological materials.

“The recently completed training with the Turkish National Police is an important step toward expanding our relationship with a key partner in a strategically significant region of the world,” said David Huizenga, NNSA's acting deputy administrator for defense nuclear nonproliferation. “We look forward to continuing to work with the Turkish government to prevent nuclear and radiological smuggling.”

The training took place in July at the Turkish International Academy Against Drugs and Organized Crime. It included classroom lectures and hands-on training exercises that prepared law enforcement officers with the necessary tools to counter nuclear smuggling efforts.

Partnering with Turkey on these projects has been a longstanding priority for NNSA. This cooperation marks a significant milestone among the NNSA, FBI and the Turkish National Police force to enhance the country’s radiological and nuclear detection capability.