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Video by Sgt. Eliezer Melendez
Fuerzas Comando '19 Opening Ceremony
113th Mobile Public Affairs Detachment
June 17, 2019 | 1:13
Special Forces from 19 countries gather for the opening day ceremony to officially kick off this year’s Fuerzas Comando ‘19 competition in Chile. The ceremony began with the Chilean armed forces marching in and then some words from the delegates. This competition is an annual multinational special forces competition sponsored by U.S. southern command and executed by Special Operations Comand South, hosted this year by the “Ejercito de Chile and Estado Mayor Conjunto”

…Chilean Prime Minister of Defense,Aalberto Espina o. “ayuda a la interoperabilidad de las fuerzas especiales de nuestros paises a saber como trabajar en equipo”

This exercise provides a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and gain new knowledge about our counterparts.

Colonel brian Greata, deputy commanding officer of Special Operations Command South“aunque todos tenemos orgullo nacional y celebramos los exitos de nuestros equipos respectivos, es mas importante reconocer que de una perspectiva mas amplia estamos juntos en esta occasion”

As the ceremonies comes to a close one question remains in the minds of all the competitors, who will win this year’s competition? Reporting from Santiago, Chile I’m Army Sgt. Eliezer Melendez.