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Jan. 29, 2018

Selfless Soldier Sacrificed Himself for Member of His Unit

Army Staff Sgt. Jared C. Monti was awarded the Medal of Honor in 2009 for actions that his family describe as typical for the soldier who was always doing what was right.

Jan. 29, 2018

Experts Discuss How to Attract, Develop, Retain Tomorrow’s Military

Bridging the civilian-military divide and getting more people to understand military life is an issue, and the concerns of current service members factor in it.

Jan. 25, 2018

Reduce the Cost of Student Loans with 0% Interest Relief

There's an important financial benefit you may be able to claim that could substantially reduce the overall cost of your federal student loans.

Jan. 23, 2018

Armed With Science: iLab - See Where Sailors and Innovation Meet

A unique lab in Hawaii allows sailors the opportunity to turn their ideas for innovation into reality.

Jan. 19, 2018

Continuing Family Support in the Event of a Government Shutdown

If there is a government shutdown, here's guidance on what to expect regarding the operating status of several DoD programs.

Jan. 19, 2018

Armed with Science: Researchers Test Virtual Reality Adaptive Flight Training

Air Force researchers recently used flight simulators to find out whether virtual reality training improved outcomes.

Jan. 18, 2018

Armed with Science: There's An App For That - Marine Designs Mobile Solution for Common Problem

Going to a new place presents new challenges for service members, such as finding friends who play the same sports as you. Luckily, one Marine has designed a way to fix that, with just the touch of a button.

Jan. 18, 2018

DoD Advises on ’12 Strong,’ Gives Take on Movie’s Accuracy

“12 Strong” depicts the soldiers who took down the Taliban after 9/11. DoD assets helped create the movie. Here’s are some key facts about it.

Jan. 17, 2018

Armed With Science: Army Showcases STEM for High School Students

An annual Army workshop allowed high school students to interact with cutting-edge technology while experts provided one-on-one guidance.

Jan. 17, 2018

DoD Launching Initiative to Get to #KnowYourMil Better

Wanna get to know your military better? Great. We want you to, too. Here’s how we plan to do it.