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Nov. 8, 2017

It's National STEM Day! Here Are 5 Ways DoD Makes STEM Cool

STEM careers are some of the hottest jobs around. On this National STEM Day, we look at how the DoD makes STEM cool.

Nov. 8, 2017

You Know You're a Military Family When.

Military life is pretty unique. If you can check any of the items off this list, you've probably experienced that lifestyle first-hand!

Nov. 7, 2017

SITREP: Puerto Rico Power Update, West Point Classmates Forever Linked & More

From the military services and around the DoD, here’s your SITREP for Tuesday, November 7, 2017.

Nov. 7, 2017

National Veterans and Military Families Month

Our military families serve as well so they're worth all we can provide for them. Be sure to thank them for their sacrifices this month.

Nov. 6, 2017

Armed With Science: Meet the Scientist - Dr. Vincent Tang

Meet the scientist whose work helps deter and prevent nuclear and dirty bomb attacks.

Nov. 6, 2017

Go Behind the Scenes with Vets, Cast & Crew of ‘The Long Road Home’

It’s not often that the military gives accolades to a production depicting a real-life battle, but according to those involved in the National Geographic Channel miniseries “The Long Road Home,” it’s deserving.

Nov. 6, 2017

Soldier’s Solo Effort Defeats Dozens of Germans in WWII Battle

One of the few Native Americans to earn the Medal of Honor during WWII single-handedly killed several Germans and took dozens prisoner in the span of hours.

Nov. 2, 2017

SITREP: Progress in Puerto Rico, Service Dog Helps Vet Reconnect & More

From the military services and around the DoD, here's your SITREP for Thursday, November 2, 2017.

Oct. 31, 2017

Warrior Care Month: Honoring our Nation's Heroes

When warfighters become injured, their road to recovery can be a long, sometimes tedious, process. But even when stakes are high and the mounting obstacles seem overwhelming, our nation’s warriors face the challenges head on and show unwavering strength along the way.

Oct. 31, 2017

DoD Career Programs Offer Great Perks to Students, Recent Grads

Looking for a federal job? The DoD's Pathways Programs are a great way for students and recent grads to find internships and employment.