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Brain Injury Awareness Month 2017

Every March, the purpose of Brain Injury Awareness Month is to demonstrate the Defense Department's commitment to increasing awareness of traumatic brain injury, or TBI, and to provide educational and healing resources to service members, veterans, family members and health care professionals.

Brain Injury - By the Numbers

TBI Caregiver Podcast

The "The TBI Family" podcast is for caregivers of service members and veterans with brain injuries. Episodes feature TBI information, tips from experts and personal stories. Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center produces this podcast in support of the Military Health System. For more information or to access the DVBIC Family Caregiver Curriculum, visit our website at or email us at

For more podcasts, please visit

TBI - Worldwide Totals January-November 2016 (Quarters 1-3 2016)

  • DoD Seal
  • Army Seal
  • Navy Seal
  • Marines Seal
  • Air Force Seal
  • DoD Numbers for Traumatic Brain Injury Worldwide - Totals
  • DoD Numbers for Traumatic Brain Injury Worldwide - Army
  • DoD Numbers for Traumatic Brain Injury Worldwide - Navy
  • DoD Numbers for Traumatic Brain Injury Worldwide - Marines
  • DoD Numbers for Traumatic Brain Injury Worldwide - Air Force


TBI - Useful Information

  • 24/7 Support written on a mobile cross.
  • Clipart of toolbox and mobile phone.
  • Clipart of person using a computer.
Source: Defense and Veterans Brain Injury Center

Social Media Campaign Instructions:

  1. Click Here to download the #ThinkAhead Hashtag Card
  2. In the space provided on the front, write a brief message about your experience with TBI, or tell us how you keep yourself and your family safe from TBI.
  3. Take a photograph of yourself holding your sign.
  4. Post it on your social media networks using #ThinkAhead to raise awareness of TBI in the military.

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How You Can Help Prevent TBI

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