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Travels with the Chairman Archive

Final Foreign Tour

September 2015

Germany, Turkey & Estonia

Visit to Denmark, Ireland

August 2015

Denmark, Ireland

Visit to Iraq, Afghanistan

July 2015

Iraq, Afghanistan

Meeting With Israeli Leaders

June 2015

Israel, Italy

NATO Discussions

May 2015


Visit to California, Japan, South Korea

March 2015

California, Japan, South Korea

Visit Texas, Hawaii, Australia

February 2015

Texas, Hawaii, Australia

Meetings With Senior Defense Officials

January 2015

Italy, Belgium

USO Holiday Tour

December 2014

Spain, Italy, Afghanistan, United Kingdom

Campaign Against ISIL

November 2014


NATO Meetings

September 2014

France, Lithuania, Croatia

Building Trust in Vietnam

August 2014


Meetings With British Leaders

June 2014

United Kingdom

Meetings With Leaders

May 2014

United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Saudi Arabia

NATO Discussions

May 2014


Afghanistan Consultations

May 2014


Meet with U.S. and Afghan Leaders

February 2014


Meet with Russian and NATO Leaders

January 2014


USO Holiday Tour

December 2013


Meet with Defense Leaders

September 2013

South Korea, Japan

Meet with Defense Leaders

August 2013

Israel, Jordan

Meet with Defense Leaders

July 2013

Poland, Afghanistan

Asia Trip

April 2013

South Korea, China, Japan


April 2013

German, Afghanistan

NATO Chiefs of Defense Meeting

January 2013


Meet with NATO Leaders

May 2013


USO Tour

December 2012

Bahrain, Kyrgyzstan

Korea, Australia Visit

November 2012

South Korea, Australia

NATO Meetings

September 2012


Middle East Trip

August 2012

Afghanistan, Iraq

Shangri-La Dialogue

May-June 2012

Hawaii, Guam, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand

Reaffirming Partnerships

April 2012

Jordan, Afghanistan, Belgium

Southern Command and South America

March 2012

Florida, Colombia, Brazil

Meetings with Military Leaders

February 2012


USO Tour
Middle East & Germany

December 2011

Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Germany

Meetings with British Officials

November 2011


USO Tour

July - August 2011


East Asia, Middle East Tour

July 2011

China, South Korea, Japan, Afghanistan

Europe & Middle East Trip

June 2011

Germany, Egypt

Middle East Trip

April 2011


Middle East Trip

February 2011

Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Oman

USO Tour

December 2010

Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bahrain

South Korea

December 2010

South Korea, Japan

Australian Ties

November 2010


Operation New Dawn

September 2010

Germany, Iraq

Around the World

July 2010

South Korea, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iraq

Troop Visit

June 2010

Fort Benning, Ga., Charleston, S.C., Fort Brag, N.C.

Conversation , With the Country

April 2010

New York, Pittsburg, Morgantown, WVa.

Middle East

March 2010

Afghanistan, Iraq

U.S. Military Bases

March 2010

Seal Beach Naval Weapons Station, Calif., Naval Special Warfare Center, Calif, Kansas State University

Southwest Asia, USO Tour

December 2009

Afghanistan, Pakistan

Central Command Visit, USO Tour

July 2009

Afghanistan, Iraq

Meetings with Russian and European Leaders

June 2009

Russia, Germany

U.S. Central Command

April 2009

Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt

South America

March 2009

Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico

U.S. Military Bases

February 2009

Fort Campell, Ky., Scott Air Force Base, Ill., Minot Air Force Base, N.D.

USO Holiday Tour

December 2008

Afghanistan, Iraq, Kosovo, Pakistan

Middle East Dialogues

September 2008

Bulgaria, Turkey, Pakistan, U.S.

USO, Middle East Tour

July 2008

Kuwait, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan

Pacific Visit

May-June 2008

Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, South Korea

Middle East Visit

March 2008

Iraq, Pakistan

Australia Meetings,, Troop Visit

February 2008

U.S., Australia

Southern Command

January 2008

U.S., El Salvador, Columbia, Guantanamo Bay

China, Japan Visit

March 2007

Hawaii, China, Japan

U.S. Tour

February 2007

Washington, Oregon, Florida, Alaska

Local Officials,, Troop Visit

August 2007

Dijibouti, South Korea, Japan, Hawaii

Local Leaders,, Troop Visit

July 2007

Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany

Middle East Visit

April 2007

Iraq, Afghanistan