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Travels With the Deputy Secretary Archive

Travels With Work

Work Travels to Romania, Poland

May 2016

Romania, Poland

Travels With Work

Work Visits Oregon, Washington State

April 2016

Oregon, Washington State

Travels With Work

Work Visits Sweden, Belgium

April 2016

Stockholm, Brussels

Travels With Work

Meets with U.S. Troops, Leaders

September 2015

Iceland, Norway, London

Meets with U.S. Troops, Leaders

April 2015

Colorado, Germany

Budget, Nuclear Enterprise Trip

February 2015

San Diego, North Dakota

War College Talks

April 2014

U.S. War Colleges

Troop Visit

February 2014

U.S. Military Bases

Carter Meets With Defense Leaders

July 2013

Israel, Uganda, Ethiopia

Carter Visits Europe for Eucom Change of Command

May 2013

Germany, Djibouti, Afghanistan

Carter Visits Asia-Pacific Region

March 2013

Japan, South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia

Carter Visits Europe and the Middle East

February 2013

France, Germany, Turkey, Jordan

Carter Visits Middle East

October 2012

Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, Afghanistan

Carter Visits Asia-Pacific Region

July 2012

Hawaii, Guam, Japan, Thailand, India, South Korea

Carter Visits Afghanistan

February 2012


Meet with Leaders

June 2011

Czech Republic

Countertrafficking Command

April 2011


"Advise and Assist"

October 2010



September 2010


South Pacific

July 2010


Canadian Tour

June 2010


California Tour

April 2010


Australia Tour

February 2010