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February 2017
Travels with Jim Mattis, Secretary of Defense

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis took a four-day trip to meet with defense leaders in Japan and South Korea. The trip underscored the U.S. commitment to its enduring alliances with the two nations and further strengthened cooperation among all three.


Mattis Says U.S. Remains Committed to Defense of Japan

The United States remains committed to the defense of Japan and stands ready to enhance its alliance for regional peace, prosperity and freedom, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in Tokyo. Story

Strength of Alliance Highlights Meeting Between Mattis, Japan’s Prime Minister

In a Tokyo meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis reaffirmed the strength of the U.S.- Japanese alliance, Pentagon spokesman Navy Cmdr. Gary Ross said. Story

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Map with pins marking South Korea and Japan

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Secretary Jim Mattis ABOUT THE SECRETARY

Jim Mattis became the 26th defense secretary Jan. 20, 2017. During more than four decades in uniform, he commanded Marines at all levels, including in combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. As a joint force commander, he commanded U.S. Joint Forces Command, NATO's Supreme Allied Command for Transformation and U.S. Central Command.