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A woman and a horse stand next to each other in a pen.
Veterans Build Resilience Through Equine-Assisted Therapy Story

A person attaches a device to a service member's helmet.
Armed With Science: Navy SEALs Research Impacts of Blast Exposure Story

Coast Guard veteran Alexis Courneen is pictured with another person.
Coast Guard Veteran Recovers With Family's Support Story

A sailor talks from behind a desk.
DoD Health Leader: TBI Research Needs Congressional Support Story

A woman and man pose for a photo
Military Spouse Helps Husband Address TBI Story

A brick sign for Naval Hospital Camp Lejeune stands amid daylilies.
Military Spouse Recognizes Value of Self-Care Story

A bearded man wearing a hooded windbreaker stares ahead of him in front of a blue wall.
Veteran Makes Paddleboard Journey a Mission Story

A man sits in a room.
Former Soldier Heals With Help of Fellow Service Member Story

A boy blows spores from a dandelion while sitting between his parents.
After TBI: Supporting the Military Child Story

MIST Program participants engage in traditional and nontraditional therapies, such as creating symbolic masks. The MIST Program offers holistic treatment to service members with traumatic brain injuries and other traumatic conditions. Army photo by Suzanne Ovel
Program Offers Recovery Tools for Soldiers With TBI Story
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