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Travels with Work - U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense
April 2016
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Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work travels to Oregon and Washington state to participate in a christening ceremony for a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency technology demonstration vessel and to discuss work underway for the department with aerospace industry leaders.

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Work Attends Christening Ceremony, Tours Aircraft Facility


Sea Hunter, DARPA’s Game-Changing Robot Warship

It’s getting so robots are everywhere at the Defense Department. They dispose of bombs, and throw out the occasional first pitch. They help Marines improve their target shooting. And, if they’re human-robot teams that entered last year’s DARPA Robotic Challenged Finals, they drive vehicles, use tools, open doors, climb stairs and do all sorts of other things. More

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Deputy Secretary Tours Boeing Assembly Facility

During the final stop on his trip to the Pacific Northwestlast week, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work inspected the final assembly facilities of the Boeing 737 and its derived military marine patrol aircraft, the P-8A Poseidon. Story

Work: Robot Warship Demonstrates Advances in Autonomy, Human-Machine Collaboration

Sea Hunter, a robot warship designed and built by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, represents breakthroughs in autonomous navigation and human-machine collaboration that could change the nature of U.S. maritime operations, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said. Story

Deputy Secretary to Help Christen New Class of Unmanned Sea Vessel

Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work is on a trip to the Pacific Northwest, where he will deliver remarks at a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency ceremony for a technology demonstration vessel able to travel thousands of miles with no crew members aboard. Story

About the Deputy Secretary

Profile photo of Deputy Defense Secretary Bob WorkBob Work was confirmed as the 32nd deputy secretary of defense April 30, 2014. He previously was chief executive officer of the Center for a New American Security. From 2009 to 2013, Work served as the undersecretary of the Navy. In this capacity, he was the deputy and principal assistant to the Navy secretary and acted with full authority of the secretary in the service's day-to-day management. Biography