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The DoD Family Delivers

Feds Fighting Hunger

On July 15, 2015, United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) kicked off the 7th annual government-wide Feds Feed Families (FFF) Food Drive Campaign. The campaign will run through October 2, 2015. The 2015 FFF slogan is "Feds Fighting Hunger". Defense Department employees nationwide have been asked to answer the call to fight hunger. We ask you to step up to meet this challenge by pledging to participate and make a difference! Every contribution, big and small, will make a difference in the lives of those in need! In his memo, Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work expressed his support of the campaign and encouraged the workforce to donate nonperishable food items.

Food Drive July 15, 2015- October 2, 2015

The 2015 DoD Feds Feed Families Campaign was a Success!

Thank you for your support! We are pleased to report that the DoD "beat our best" and had the most successful food drive to date. The department collected a total of 3,277,080 pounds of food for this worthwhile campaign. These tremendous results do not happen without the support and dedication of each of you. We are truly grateful for your generosity and commitment to feeding the hungry. Next year, let's "beat our best" again!

We are also pleased to report that the campaign (across the federal government) brought in over 17 million pounds of food! Once again, federal agencies answered the call to fight hunger. Thank you to everyone who participated and made a difference in the lives of those in need. Note that even though the campaign is over, food banks around the nation still welcome donations.

Please consider making donations throughout the year, especially as we enter the holiday season. For more information visit the Capital Area Food Bank; or visit Feeding America, where you can search for volunteer opportunities in your area. Together, we can continue to make a difference in our communities. Thank you again for your support!

News Stories

The Air Force continues to play a vital role in the fight against hunger. Check out the following stories about the contributions and good work that is being carried out on Air Force bases around the country:

It's Not the Holidays, But It’s Still Donation Time

Many food banks struggle to keep food stocked during the summer months, but the Feds Feed Families campaign has helped lessen that problem. Since it began in 2009, the program has collected more than 39 million pounds of food; 14.9 million of those pounds were donated government-wide just last year. Story

DoD Hall of Fame

While the Defense Department is appreciative of all employees who embrace the spirit of giving during this campaign, it gives special recognition to employees who make large contributions. Hall of Fame acknowledgement is given in the following three levels: 250 pounds for Hall of Fame recognition; 500 pounds for Gold-level recognition, and 1,000 pounds and over for Platinum-level recognition. Please note: Contribution totals can be cumulative.

Nominations into the Hall of Fame must be made and verified by the agency's chair. To submit a Hall of Fame nomination, send information by email with name of person donating, agency/organization, mailing address, total pounds donated, date(s) and photo and caption (if desired) with the subject: Hall of Fame Nomination. Feel free to use this spreadsheet to assist in your Hall of Fame Reporting.

2015 Hall of Fame Nominees:

Name Dept. (lbs.) Level
Julie Blanks DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Paige Hinkle-Bowles DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Jennifer Davis DoD - DCPAS 8189 Platinum
Chris Brown DoD - DCPAS 5873 Platinum
Susan Roth DoD - DCPAS 5794 Platinum
David Conboy DoD - DCPAS 7789 Platinum
Tonya Pollard DoD - DCPAS 7789 Platinum
Altrice (lee) Scott DoD - DCPAS 7789 Platinum
Ron Riley DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Max Wyche DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Karen Hannah DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Joe Campbell DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Sarah Teague-Schofield DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Lisa McGlasson DoD - DCPAS 5553 Platinum
Linka Kirksey DoD - DCPAS 1014 Platinum
Janice Campbell DoD - DCPAS 2236 Platinum
Mike Mulloy DoD - DCPAS 2236 Platinum
Katrina Pearson DoD - 10th Floor 2236 Platinum
Sara Hatch DoD - 10th Floor 2236 Platinum
Emily Astacid DoD - 10th Floor 2236 Platinum
Mark Wynn DoD - 10th Floor 2236 Platinum
Stephanie Hutchins DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 250 Silver
Chuck Houghtaling DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 3495 Platinum
Oscar Quiroz DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 2467 Platinum
Obol Fisher DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 1396 Platinum
Luis Guzman-Ortiz DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 816 Gold
Sheila Correa-Ortiz DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 766 Gold
Andrew Landers DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 491 Silver
Matthew Page DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 321 Silver
Courtney Shubert DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 303 Silver
Yarelis Colon-Santos DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 285 Silver
Hongbin Huang DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 265 Silver
Eric Myket DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 258 Silver
Lorraina Hull DoD, DCAA HQ- Resources 251 Silver
Christi Whitterage DoD, DCAA Springfield Branch Office 419 Silver
Ms. TANYA NEAR DoD, DISA 5312 Platinum
Ms. MONIQUE BRAGG DoD, DISA 1004 Platinum
Mr. PAUL BERRY DoD, DISA 482 Silver
Mr. SCOTT ADDIS DoD, DISA 482 Silver
Ms. SHARON FREY DoD, DISA 406.25 Silver
Mr. GLENN CANNON DoD, DISA 406.25 Silver
Mr. CHRIS LEIFER DoD, DISA 406.25 Silver
SrA Alessandra Goler DoD, USAF 596 Gold
2d Lt Igor Khrustalev DoD, USAF 713 Gold
Mr. Jack Spence DoD, USAF 1745 Platinum
MSgt Kimetta McCullen DoD, USAF 725 Gold
TSgt Todd Caddell DoD, USAF 272 Silver
SSgt Jareo Brumfield DoD, USAF 272 Silver
MSG Annette Coleman DoD, USAF 2167 Platinum
1Lt Rob Ritchie DoD, USAF 2000 Platinum
Capt Zach Johnson DoD, USAF 2200 Platinum
Capt Sean Waltman DoD, USAF 5000 Platinum
SSgt Eric Dino DoD, USAF 1197 Platinum
A1C Mikniqua Bonam-Hillman DoD, USAF 470.5 Silver
Captain Laura Hoffman DoD, USAF 1100 Platinum
MSG Annette Coleman DoD, USAF 2167 Platinum
SSgt Jose Baquero DoD, USAF 1000 Platinum
Capt Phil Rich DoD, USAF 1500 Platinum
Ms. Jill Broyels DoD, USAF 300 Silver
1st Lt Ryan Phaneuf DoD, USAF 1500 Platinum
SrA Cory Johnson DoD, USAF 586 Gold
A1C Tiffany Rowell DoD, USAF 277 Silver
TSgt Russell Almanza DoD, USAF 3000 Platinum
PO1 Stepanie Durazo DoD, USAF 3000 Platinum
TSgt Leonor Branch DoD, USAF 1495 Platinum
TSgt Nicole Turner DoD, USAF 1495 Platinum
SSgt Richard Barber DoD, USAF 1384 Platinum
SSgt Gino Carruitero DoD, USAF 1384 Platinum
SGT Nicholas Pugh DoD, USAF 300 Silver
PO3 Dontay Harris DoD, USAF 300 Silver
SSgt Eric Williams DoD, USAF 250 Silver
TSgt Gregory Mcgee DoD, USAF 250 Silver
SrA Lance Leonard DoD, USAF 250 Silver
SrA Matthew Hippenstiel DoD, USAF 250 Silver
Capt James Smith DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
MSgt Nicholas Carrier DoD, USAF 15367 Platinum
MSgt Lucero Stockett DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
MSgt Chasity Hert DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
MSgt Christopher Crawford DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
TSgt Bobbie Banks DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
TSgt Decarlos Harris DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
TSgt Melissa Jackson DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
TSgt Eric Garcia DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
SSgt Cynthia Carvajal DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
TSgt James Lynch DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
TSgt Jennifer Byrd DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
TSgt Jeffrey Kallhoff DoD, USAF 15637 Platinum
SSgt Aaron Luetzen DoD, USAF 1085 Platinum
SrA Brett Stuckel DoD, USAF 1085 Platinum
SSgt Latora Vigil DoD, USAF 1085 Platinum
SSgt Tremayne William DoD, USAF 1085 Platinum
SSgt Elizabeth Nunez DoD, USAF 1085 Platinum
A1C Alexander Franco DoD, USAF 1085 Platinum
Capt Jacobus Jens DoD, USAF 550 Platinum
SrA Kyiera Tyndell DoD, USAF 250 Silver
Bridget Owens DoD, DSS 250 Silver
Shobha Ramaswamy DoD, DSS 359 Silver
Ursula Woodbury DoD, DFAS 1050 Platinum
Cheryl Burton DoD, DFAS 1000 Platinum
Brian Murphy DoD, DFAS 1000 Platinum
Leon Mehnert DoD, DFAS 600 Gold
Jeffery Stone DoD, DFAS 400 Silver
Mark C. Atkinson DoD, DFAS 2000 Platinum
Tony Hullinger DoD, DFAS 400 Silver
Sarah Rush DoD, DFAS 1200 Platinum
Rose Talamantes DoD, DFAS 600 Gold
Ruth Wood, DFAS DoD, DFAS 400 Silver
John Votaw DoD, DFAS 400 Silver
Roger, Grover DoD, DFAS 1000 Platinum
Amy Sargent DoD, DFAS 2000 Platinum
Angelique Oberhauser DoD, DFAS 1000 Platinum

'Virtual' Grocery Donations

It is easier than ever to provide food for those who are at risk of hunger AND contribute toward the campaign. Please consider donating virtually! Order food online and have it sent to a food bank of your choice.

Grocery bag graphic to illustrate amount of food donated Grocery bag graphic to illustrate amount of food donated
3,277,080 lbs.
October 13, 2015

DoD Takes Action!

Share your success stories (minimum 250 words) and pictures (minimum 1MB) of your agency’s Fed Feed Families campaign by email. Don't forget to credit the photographer and let us know who is in the photo!

Gleaning - Preventing Waste, Feeding the Hungry

Feds Feed Families can partner with farmers across the country to prevent the unnecessary wasting of food and simultaneously provide access to fresh and nutritious foods for low-income populations in a process called GLEANING. Please refer to the information below for more information on how to get started, or contact us at, subject: GLEANING!

Reporting Donations

Individuals reporting totals to the DoD Feds Feed Families team should fill out the Standard Reporting Template and submit it via email with the name of the activity and the phrase "ATTENTION REPORTING TEAM" in the subject line.

Individuals responsible for filing the reports also should check with their parent activity regarding any internal reporting requirements.

Upcoming Events

  • Feds Feed Families 2015 Closing Award Ceremony Poster
    Join USDA and Federal Executive Leadership for the

    Feds Feed Families 2015 Closing Award Ceremony

    • Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015 | 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.
    • Jamie L. Whitten Building - Patio
    • On the corners of 12th and Jefferson Drive
    • SW, Washington, DC 20250

Most Wanted List in the National Capital Region

The DoD Feds Feed Families Campaign challenges you to participate and make a difference. Donations big and small are significant in the lives of those families in need. Contribute to the spirit of giving.