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National Security Space Strategy
The National Security Space Strategy is a pragmatic approach to maintain the advantages derived from space while confronting the challenges of an evolving space strategic environment. It is the first such strategy jointly signed by the Secretary of Defense and Director of National Intelligence. The themes of the NSSS are reflected in the DOD Strategic Guidance and are being implemented by the DOD Space Policy and other efforts.

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DoD Works to Build Competition Into Space Launches

Space capability is critical to national security, and the Defense Department is working to make its launch program more competitive and end its longtime use of a Russian rocket engine on the Atlas launch system, the assistant secretary of defense for acquisition said. Story

Stratcom Chief: U.S. Must Maintain Space Dominance

The space domain is changing, and the U.S. military must remain ahead of these changes to maintain the nation's military dominance, Navy Adm. Cecil D. Haney, the commander of U.S. Strategic Command said. Story

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"Modern armed forces cannot conduct high-tempo, effective operations without reliable information and communication networks and assured access to cyberspace and space."

DOD Strategic Guidance, January 2012

NSSS Unclassified Summary

DOD Space Policy